Unique Website Design

Here at 8th Day Studio, we design websites that are visually appealing while remaining easy to navigate. In an age where everyone has a webpage, we use the latest methods to bring you top of the line features to keep your website on the competitive edge, and your visitors coming back.

File Hosting

When it comes to hosting your files, security is our priority. Using up to date security methods, we offer SSL secured website hosting and secure server access using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) so you can easily manage you files.

SSL Certificates - for secure website hosting

Though it is not necessary, having an SSL certificate lets your visitors know that their visit to your website is on a secure connection.
We offer 1 year ($200.00) or 2 year ($350.00) term certificates. Certificates are renewable after term is complete.

SSH Keys - for secure file access

With an SSH key you are not limited to uploading files to your storage. Having one issued by us grants you access to move, rename, download, and delete your files as if you were navigating files stored on your very own computer.
Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Monthly Storage Rates

$10 $20 $40 $75
Space 5 GB 20 GB 50 GB Unlimited
Easy Upload

Even if you decide not to use our SFTP service, we off an easy upload service for securely uploading your files to storage.

Brand Online Ambassador

With the advancements of the internet over the past decade, it's likely that a person's first impression of you, or your company, is formed from what they find when they look up your name online. Do you know how you're portrayed on the internet?

Between social media, review websites and your website, there is a plethora of information to form an opinion about you. If that information is incorrect it could be very damaging to your reputation. With our online ambassador service, you can rest assured that you look good anywhere you go online.

Social Media

It's your voice on the internet, and we are your megaphone. Our social media options will make sure you are heard, and we'll interact with your patrons.

  • Post composition and scheduling
  • Quick interaction response
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Social outreach

Review Websites

The greatest threat to your reputation. False, inaccurate, and nonsense reviews leave marks, but those marks aren't permanent. We can monitor these sites and remove those pesky, unwarranted reviews.